Hello, I'm Trev.

I designed software at Apple for over a decade. Today I write about technology, privacy, and human rights. Additionally, I’m a UX hit man for hire.

I live in San Francisco California where I herd one adorable cat named Bandley.

My full legal name is Trev. No, really, I only have one name. Don’t give me that “like Cher” or “like Teller” or “oh are you Madonna” crap. I’ve heard it all before. It was clever the first time and is just noise now.

I don’t own shoes. #sandalLife

I type many of my articles on a Macintosh SE.


Don’t hesitate to e-mail [email protected] if you have a comment but don’t hold your breath for a reply (Mom).

Don’t Steal Content

You are welcome to quote a few sentences as long as you attribute the content with a link back to trev.com’s original article. You can’t republish an entire post, that’s stealing. More…

Privacy is a Human Right

I respect your privacy. You should read about how I safeguard your data in my Privacy Policy.

Happy Mac

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Smile More