The Next Big Thing is Already Fear

Trevor Noah reported on a mid-air Gallaxy 7 battery meltdown by drawing a conclusion that should embarrass every one of us:

This story right here is the definition of white privilege. You get on a plane and you have smoke coming out of your pocket, and then you whip out a device that looks like it’s going to blow up. You throw it on the ground and people look at you like ‘sir, are you OK? Are you OK? Oh my God you poor man, are you OK?’”

You know if that dude was middle eastern they would have tackled the shit out of him.

Muslims get kicked off planes for texting - they get kicked off for having working phones.

At first glance it’s a clever observation by a late night comedian but he’s spot-on. It’s not hard to imagine how people would have responded if the passenger – whose only offense was buying a Samsung phone – was Muslim.

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